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4 Good Reasons Why You Should Share Gym Selfies

Love ’em or hate ’em, we shouldn’t judge someone’s gym selfie — it might just be helping that person reach their fitness goals. Fitness is hard work, plain and simple and a picture adds a valuable and often brutally honest visual element to your data. It gives you a much better idea of how your body is looking. Here’s the top 4 reasons why gym selfies are so loved.

1) Motivates you
The struggle is real. And daily. Whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle, those selfies will help you stay on track and keep you motivated..Because let’s be honest, compliments are fun!
2) Inspires others
Selfies help tell your transformation story, and in turn, make an impact on someone else’s life. If it can have a positive effect on even one person, helping them to make a healthier choice, it’s worth it!
3) It visually tracks your progress
How motivating and inspiring it would be to look back on your first selfie and notice the difference that regular gym visits combined with healthy eating habits has made on your overall appearance. What a satisfying thing to see!
4) A good way to get tips
Turning to the people in your personal community for fitness, health, and weight loss tips is
a great way to get some new ideas on how to up your game, open the dialogue with followers and learn tips and tricks you’ve never thought of.
Fitness, after all, is a Skill, Not a Talent !

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