5 Lesser Known Fitness Benefits of Yoga

Yoga and all its schools, like the kundalini yoga, the hatha yoga, the bikram yoga, etc. have been around in their present day form for centuries. And for centuries we have practised this art form. First under trees and in ashrams and now in our homes and in classes wearing the most comfortable workout clothes, which we have come to call as ‘yoga wear’. We practice this fitness routine, this meditation knowing that it will help ward off heart diseases and keep us in the prime of our health. But not many know that there are several other, lesser known but equally beneficial outcomes of Yoga. Let’s discuss the five lesser known fitness benefits of Yoga.

  1. Emotional Health Improvement
    People often ignore the mental health benefits of yoga because they treat it as a fitness exercise, a workout regime meant to be carried out in workout clothes. But they do not realise that yoga is a form of meditation too, and all meditation lead to mindfulness and an emotional stability. It leads to the secretion of enzymes like oxytocin, which increases our emotional happiness and stability and help us live our life to the fullest.
  2. Sharper Memory
    Another benefit of yoga, which draws from the earlier one is the fact that it leads to a sharper memory and a better concentration. Meditation leads to the banishment of stress and anxiety and the attainment of inner peace and a more focused outlook on life which in turn leads to a better concentration and memory.
  3. Relief from Asthma
    When my sister was fourteen, she began to get terribly out of breath after a minute’s worth of running. We soon found out that she had had a late onset of asthma and all her dreams of being fit were quashed. But then, my mom, inspired by the resurgence of yoga in our country, handed over yoga tops and yoga shorts to her and told her to practice this art form, especially pranayama. Fast forward three years, and not only is she fit, but her asthma symptoms are nearly invisible.
  4. Controlling Diabetes
    Studies done over the course of years have shown that people with diabetes have been able to manage and improve their condition through the practice of yoga. A variety of yoga poses (asana) are now suggested by even doctors to help the diabetic patients.
  5. Helps Fight Arthritis
    Yoga asanas like the bikram asana are absolutely mild and can be done by the patients of arthritis, who cannot do heavy exercises without going through a lot of pain. The bikram asana helps them stay fit and decreases the pain caused due to arthritis by improving the overall quality of our physical health.

Now that you know more benefits of this simple art form, just go grab your yoga wear and mat and hit the floor!

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