7 day workout schedule to lose weight

Trying to lose weight is heart breaking. Even though there are opportunities and information everywhere, you just seem stuck and can’t really get over yourself to exercise or eat healthy. Follow this most effective weight loss program if you wish to burn off fat in just 7 days.
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Day 1 Monday
Light Cardio: 30 minute light cardio session to raise metabolism. This can be a brisk walk, jogging or a swim. Weight training exercises: Squats, Calf Raises, Push ups.
Diet: Breakfast should either be oats or wholemeal toast and eggs. Lunch is soup (no bread). Dinner a salad with protein
Day 2 Tuesday
Interval Training day: 20 minutes intensive interval training. 30 second sprint followed by 90 second recovery. Ten 2 minute intervals with 10 sprint followed by any exercise – running, swimming, elliptical trainer, cycling, skipping etc.
Diet: Same as Monday.

Day 3 Wednesday
Longer Cardio Day: One longer cardio session, either jogging , cycling, brisk walking, elliptical etc. However, you must exercise for 60 minutes today.
Diet: Limit calories as much as possible, but do eat some carbohydrate an hour before exercising.

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Day 4 Thursday
Cardio Session: A morning cardio session of around 30 minutes. Steady exercise to get the body moving and burning fat. Weight training exercises: Pull Ups, Single Arm Dumbbell Rows.
Diet: Lots of proteins to help muscle recovery and less carbohydrates.
Day 5 Friday
Cardio: Longer cardio with 2 sprints at the end. 30 minutes of jogging with a 1 minute sprint. Stretch afterwards.
Diet: Similar to Wednesday – fewer calories to aid fat reduction.
Day 6 Saturday
Core Training: Yoga, Dynamic Stretching, crunches. Aim to exercise for at least 45 minutes. Alternating between upper and lower body exercises.
Diet: As Monday.

Day 7 Sunday

Activity day: Sunday is a good time to get active with friends and family, so a long walk or a trip to the park are good choices.
Diet: Keep your meals small and lean, high in protein.
It’s important to build in rest and recovery time, so muscles have a chance to repair themselves.

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