Fashionable Activewear Gift Options for Women.

Have you been thinking of the perfect gift idea for a woman who loves to workout? Is this lady keen on fitness? Or has been trying to get herself to the gym for some time?
If this has brought up a name or face in your mind already then, you’ve come to the right place.
Rrave’s collection of trendy and perfect fit activewear is an ideal gift for an active woman. Our super comfortable range of sports bras, tops, leggings and selectedsets are stylish and work as motivation too.
Some of the best picks as gifts from our collection are:


Groovy Half Leggings

This pair of Groovy half legging is perfect for jogging, running, brisk walking and dancing. It is made of a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and kills odour causing agents. The fabric is extra soft for a smooth feel on the skin. This amazing and breezy pair of our Groovy half legging is a perfect gift for the woman who loves to be on her feet.


Fancy Fawn Shorts

If the woman you’re finding agift for is a fan of stretches, you can never go wrong with this pair of Fancy Fawn Short.The fabric is a 9:1 ratio of Polyester and Spandex.It allows longer stretches and movements without having to worry about abrasion. It is great for pilates workout. This is a smart choice for women who believe in fashion and fitness.


Faded Training Tee

This Faded Training Tee is perfect for a heavy workout day at the gym. It’s a stitch free style of t-shirt that makes it least prone to damage and defects. The t-shirt’s gradually faded colour scheme and seamless design make the one wearing look cool while doing heavy lifts. This training tee paired with our Flex Fit Leggings will be an appreciable gift.

Contour Racerback

Racerbacks never go out of style. Our Contour Racerback sets apart from the crowd of classic racerbacks withits double hoops.This new design enhances the already elegant look. The fabric used is a combination of Polyester and Nylon. This racerback supports the breasts and torso; therefore, lesseningthe possibility of an injury. Available in watermelon pink and classy grey, any woman wearing this will be on the top of her workout fashion game. Gift this ContourRacerback as a motivator for a fun and safe workout session.

Stylish Sculpt Sports Bra

The Stylish Sculpt Sports Bra is stitched with contouring lines that enhance the body shape with a snug fit. It provides amazing breast support without restricting movement. It’s made of hi-tech fabric that protects the body from UV rays, controls body temperature and wicks away moisture. The mishmash design and wide crossing back-straps are for sure to make a fashion statement. It is available in two colours, dark grey and cute pink.

Stylish Sculpt Sports Bra

A perfect set of activewear that strongly portrays your character is a must for every woman that cares for fitness. This complete black pair of sports bra and legging will create a bold and powerful presence. The sports bra comes with an ample amount of padding for full breast support. While the Nylon and Spandex legging gives a relaxed but firm fitting. We at Rrave, believe sporty clothing is complete only when it is made with pleasant and sustainable fabric while ranging from various patterns and styles with vivid colors and prints.

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