Tips to Remain Fit During Monsoon

Do you feel demotivated every time it starts pouring right before you are about to leave for the gym? Or, does the smell of fried spicy food entice you while on the run?

Well, whichever you can relate more with, working out daily during monsoon can be challenging but it shouldn’t disturb your plan to be fit. You’d only have to start over or worst, you’ll end up never starting again.

In order to keep up with your fitness schedule when it’s raining, you’ll have to take a few determined steps. Even if you cannot reach the gym or don’t want to step out in the rain, you can always make up for it while staying indoors.

We have collated a few tips and simple workout routines for you right here to make sure you don’t give up on yourself.

1.Dress right

Whether you’re doing strength training at a gym or yoga in your house, dressing appropriately is important. Wearing the right activewear for working out allows your body to move comfortably while you flex your muscles in different ways.


Yoga is the kind of workout anyone can do at any stage of their training. It strengthens your core, burns calories, increases your immunity and relieves stress too. Yoga is a smart way to stay fit and worriless.

Additionally, practicing yoga is even easier now with technology. With tutorials and apps that specialize in Yoga, one doesn’t need to step out of their house or hire a trainer. You can always start with the beginner’s guide for safe and effective lessons.

3.Stair steppers

The Stair Stepper is an absolute simple exercise that needs no equipment, just a staircase. They are great for toning your hip and leg muscles, burning fat and improving your cardiovascular health.

Being in the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you can or should avoid warming up before you begin. Hold an upright position throughout the exercise while your steps create their own rhythm.


A Burpee is a combination of a few simple exercises. It is a full body strength training piece. It works your arms, chest, glutes, quads, hamstrings and abs. A complex piece of exercise with a fun name. 

Get into the push-up position, perform a push-up, jump back to a squat, and perform a jumping jack. Start with a set of 10 and increase each day.


Squatting is a classic exercise that strengthens the hip and leg muscles. It can be done at a gym, during a coffee break at work, in the bedroom, park or anywhere else. It doesn’t require any machine but adding a dumbbell increases its effectivity.

6.Dance it off

The best way to make working out at home fun is to do a dance routine. Dancing works great as a workout when added specific moves to it. Make sure you at least have a half hour long playlist you can dance to. Plug it to a speaker and you’re set to go.

You can also try Zumba, a popular working out dance form. Just don your favourite dancing or Zumba activewear and follow the easy and fun tutorial videos online.

7.Moisture Wicking Activewear

With rains come easily communicated diseases and skin allergies, being damp for longer hours makes you an easy victim. The weather might be cool, but a good workout always leaves you drenched in sweat. To steer clear from monsoon sickness always opt for breathable and sweat-wicking activewear. It dries off sweat quickly and ensures a dry and healthy workout session.

These tips will help you to be on track and actively work towards your goals. So, beat the season’s laziness like a pro and get ahead with a fit lifestyle.

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