Build Your Perfect Workout Wardrobe with Rrave collection

Your workout wardrobe exhibits your personality. So instead of making it look dull and boring, add hues, designs, new varieties, give it an awesome, sporty look. If you are wondering where to shop from, then Rrave is the ideal site for you to go to and make purchases. With collections ranging from tops to bottoms to sets, the website offers you everything your workout wardrobe can ever demand for. With a friendly return and exchange policy and optimum delivery services, it’s only cherry on the cake! With just one click leading to the website, create a whole new, comfy and sassy workout wardrobe with Rrave. We promise to not disappoint you.

  1. Solid Training Tee

Solid Training Tee





























The optimum choice for Yoga, Running and Zumba routine, this beautiful seamless training tee is made to make you feel comfortable and strengthened while you embark on the journey of fitness. Coming in beautiful hues of purple and green, this tee has amazing elasticity and moisture wicking properties. Composed of 62% nylon and 30% polyester, this amazing piece of clothing frees you from all worries of sweat, smell and abrasions. So to all fitness freaks, grab them before they are gone!


  1. Mosaic Missy Sports Bra

Mosaic Missy Sports Bra




























Why settle for the mundane black and white when you can have a fancy mosaic missy sports bra?m On top of it, the ample padding enables you to support your breasts. With no compromise on strength and gear, the 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex provides a smooth feel while you workout. This bra is a must have!


  1. Contour Racer-back

Contour Racerback





























Available in soothing hues of watermelon pink and grey, these racer-backs are most effective in preventing injuries to the breasts and avoiding shoulder slumps. Giving the both traditional and suave looks while you stretch your body doing Pilate, the double hoops to the back add novel style factor. Composed of 90% Polyester and 10% Nylon, this piece of clothing provides great strength and tenacity. Gift your wardrobe a pair of these!


  1. Groovy Half Leggings

Groovy Half Leggings - Raave




























If black and brown are too boring colours for you, then this pair of jazzy printed legging, pleasing to the eyes, is what you most need. Available in soothing colours of Aqua and Turquoise, the legging efficiently provides temperature control while the waist band helps you to arch your way to the highest without any slippage. With 85% polyester and 15% spandex, this pair enables heavy, repetitive movements while providing a smooth surface. So groove your ways in this fancy pair


  1. Power Dressing Set

Power Dressing
























This set of power dressing consisting of bra and leggings is a complete head-turner! Wear this set and flaunt your confidence all through the way. The comfort of the padded bra and the softness of the leggings is a god-send to all the fitness freaks. Available in all sizes, this power dressing comes in black colour. For those wishing for a different colour and pattern can also check the ‘wild fire’ set under the same category.  The right mix of Polyester and Spandex enables one to lunge, or run or do yoga without any worries for sweat, heat or inflexibility. Grab them before they run out of stock!

You may be wondering why should you choose Rrave? While you ponder upon this question, let us ask you why you shouldn’t choose us? We provide the best range of workout clothing. Not only are they composed of best materials, but also have the most unique and stylish designs and patterns to add some sparkles to your daily routine. So spend your hard-earned money and you wouldn’t regret a dime.

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