Fresh winter workout gear – RRAVE

Fresh winter workout gear

Winters are at its peak with the snow descending on the beautiful northern mountains.

The misty mornings and early dusk makes us want to cozy ourselves up in our bed for hours to come, binging on our favourite hot snacks; which is totally cool as long as its not interfering in your healthy regime, which it most definitely does.

So what’s your excuse this fall?

It better not be ‘I can’t wear tank-tops in this chilly winter?’ Or ‘same hoodie, every-day?’

Coz, here I am going to list the season’s most appreciated workout gear, which will inspire you to go from couch-potato to #winterworkout everyday:

Tropical prints:

2016 & 2017 was all about raving those Hawaiian prints in your workout sessions. Not only are tropical prints ruling the red-carpet but they are being a fad among the gym-fanatics. Major clothing brands are releasing these feel-fresh prints in almost all of their products; from blouses to flared pants to high-rise leggings.

Go buy yourself an affordable set of workout clothes in these easy-breezy prints:

Wild Fire

Sweatshirts & Hoodies:

Sweatshirts & hoodies have always been amongst the favourites of fitness enthusiast. Ad why won’t they be: with all the freedom to body movement and making you look uber-cool. But 2017 saw sweatshirts in a bit more intricately designed manner; the laces, right amount of embellishment, ruffled details & it made us want to wear them even more.

Wear a nice drop-shoulder sweatshirt with mesh leggings to slay the workout-day.

Mesh tops & leggings:

There is that tacky see-through stuff & then there is mesh. Mesh gives a very strong ‘subtle sexiness’ vibes which makes its different from those abhorring see-through designs. More & more clothing brands seem to work on this trend.

Ripped leggings are also here to stay. They are edgy & sexy.

One-up your workout game with the one’s that float your boat.

Rrave has a qualitative workout collection in mesh; ranging from sports-bra to leggings.

Black Stringy Sports Bra

Grainy Core Mid Waist Leggings

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