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How to get your best bikini butt.

There are plenty of good reasons to get your butt in gear at the gym and it’s likely you’re stressing over just one: slim-to-bare it.
For many women, toning the bottom and legs can pose a particular challenge, but with a combination of strength training and cardio, you can get your rear view in peak condition. By incorporating a few healthy, fiber-filled diet tweaks you’ll be more confident to flaunt your lower half by the pool or on the beach. But can you really get an effective workout without hoisting weights? Yes — as long as you learn how to isolate your glutes, you’ll be confident and firm by bikni season.

Secrets to butt exercises that really work

• Try basic squats – Lunges, squats and step ups are some of the best compound moves for glutes. Squats work both your thighs and butt.
• Eat (yes, eat!) for a tight butt – For long-lasting energy stock up on lean proteins such as chicken and fish, ditch the sugars for slower-digesting carbs and more fibrous greens, and get your healthy fats from sources like almonds.
• Try bridge exercises & weighted side leg lifts.
• Make a daily regiment of pushups.
• Use long side lunges to target your butt muscles.
• And finally Listen to Your Mom! – Remember what mum told you all along, you’re beautiful, amazing and unique. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and are a work in progress. Get out there and have fun, and try not to stress too much!

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