Importance of the Right Yoga Clothes

Women Yoga ClothesUnderstated, underappreciated and underrated. The importance of the right yoga dress is all these three. We only see few people going out to yoga classes wearing the required yoga dress, but what about the rest? Why don’t we attach an importance to yoga clothing? And those who do apply, do they understand its importance?

We, at Rave, solemnly believe that practising the art form of yoga is what that matters, and to a certain degree that’s true also, but it’s not the entire truth. The clothes you are wearing, the surrounding you are in, all these play a crucial role too. They enhance your experience of yoga and enable you to extract more of the goodness from it. If yoga is a literary piece of work, then the clothing is one of the most important editors. And we need to realise the role of this editor and accept it.

Choosing the right yoga clothing
The right piece of yoga clothes doesn’t just make you look good, it even makes you feel good. It doesn’t make you look just presentable, it makes you better at your practice. But, what exactly is the right yoga clothing? It can be briefly summarized as something that is comfortable to wear, doesn’t hinder your practice and helps you to perfect your asanas. And we must always choose our yoga tops, shorts and leggings based on this.


Women Yoga Wear

In yoga and in every other form of exercise and sports, the prime requirement of the workout clothes is that they should be breathable and should have a sweat absorbing capability.
Yoga requires you to have comfortable clothes because suppose if you are sitting in an uncomfortable piece of yoga pant and top then you’ll focus more on making yourself comfortable than focusing on the yoga. Same way, if the sweat absorption capability of the material is low, it will stick to your skin, lead to odour and again make you uncomfortable. Yoga is something that requires a single-minded focus and a comfortable piece of clothing provides that.

  • Another aspect is that yoga clothes should be body hugging, and the reason for that is two-fold and easy to understand.
    Loose yoga dresses will flap around while you are performing your asanas and can make you uncomfortable and distract you from your practice, so the perfect sports bra, leggings and yoga-wear is crucial in making you more comfortable.
    Another factor is that tight clothing can help you or your instructor see your postures better and hence lead to easier corrections of them so that you are practising the right asana.

In the end, doing yoga correctly is what that matters, but we must always remember that the right yoga clothing is what makes our practice more correct. We live in the twenty-first century, a time where we have the option of choosing comfortable and technologically advanced pieces of clothing, clothing that breaths better and clothing that is also fashionable. And of course, who doesn’t like making a fashion statement?

So, just hit the floor with the right attitude and the right yoga clothing, and when you’ll get up you’ll be a changed person.


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