Make workout, pleasant: Gym Wear

Finally, after all the shilly-shallying and much needed nudging from your inner-self, you made your mind to hit the gym and get that adrenaline rush in pursuit of a toned & healthy body.

You know what they say, good things come to those who sweat except that constant & severe sweating can make workout annoying and you might lose the determination to achieve your goal. Fitness is not a destination, it’s a way of life and yeah, gym is not L.F.W ramp but compromising with your style is most definitely a sin.

What’s that you say? There must be a way to make workout sessions comfortable and stylish, all at once? Well it’s all a matter of selecting the right gym clothing for your workout. Wearing breathable, sweat repelling gym clothes will make the workout sessions ‘worth looking forward to’.

Consider the following while looking for women gym clothes:

Bust Base?

Heading to gym and forgetting the basics, my girl? While thinking of all the sweat that you are about to burn did you not think of what will happen to your bosom buddies from all the heavy exercise your body is about to endure. Your breast needs support to avoid any back pain or severe tissue damage. That’s why before looking for a suitable & stylish gym training tee or groovy leggings; you must find yourself a comfortable sports bra. Get measured, try on a couple of styles, folly around, do some stretches and find what suits your workout need, the most.

Check out this spandex-polyester coral bright sports bra for a mobility combined with super strength.

Buy this core comfort sports bra here

Is the gym clothing comfortable yet breathable?

If on reading the word comfortable, you want to jump into your cotton shirts and leggings, then you might want to reconsider because despite being undoubtedly comfortable, is it breathable? Well no, because workout means sweating (a lot!) and that cotton gym wear will trap sweat, making the garment heavy and sticking with your body thereby preventing your body from cooling off on its own (also making you look like you just lost a race to an ostrich).Also, the amply wet clothes can cause irritation & chaffing. Doesn’t sound so comfortable now, does it?

So while looking for comfortable workout clothes, look for fabric that has moisture wicking properties like this polyester-spandex contour racer back:

Buy this women stylish Racerback here

This super soft polyester-spandex racerback will add to the liberating feeling of working out the toxins & making you feel happy, all at the same time.

Baggy/Oversized clothes? A big No No!

Imagine wearing that baggy top/trouser & all the movement restriction while practicing squats or cardio. Just imagine having to fix the placement of garment every few seconds! So baggy clothes might have sounded ‘amaze-balls’ in the past, but that were just people being ignorant and risking their safety in a worrisome way. You turned your back for a stretch and uh oh, it got stuck in the machine. Nobody wants that & that’s why you must opt for well fitted attire to give your body the freedom of movement sans hazard.

Check out this polyester-spandex Grainy core mid waist leggings for a perfect fit and flexibility in those Pilates sessions:

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The lover of shorts, check out this gym fawn shorts for smooth cycling sessions:

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So women, what are you waiting for?
Put on those gym clothes & pull yourself together!

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