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The 5 Best Types of Sports Bras for Working Out

When looking for a sports bra, women look for both style and functionality. It’s tough to find the perfect blend of both. The ones that may score high on the cute quotient may not be the best choice for an intense workout session.

The ideal sports bra should get you through your workout session seamlessly by holding you throughout your jog, preventing nip slips during flowing asanas, and, one that doesn’t dig in with distracting, painful straps.

Since style and functionality is high priority when buying a sports bra sport, we have listed 5 sports bra styles that do justice to both:

1) Stringy Cross Straps

A stringy sports bra provides superior support during exercises without restricting the movement of the arms. Stringy cross-back straps are great for quality support that comes without constricting full shoulder and arm movement during a dance class or yoga.


2) Zipper Sports Bra

A zipper sports bra keeps everything in place and is easy to slip right out of after an intense class. That means you can skip the most tiresome part of your workout: squeezing out of your sweaty, skin-tight bra. Stretch, bend or flex to your heart’s content without experiencing any kind of discomfort because this sports bra is a pro when put to work.


3) Compression Sports Bras

A simple core compression sports bra is best suited for low to medium impact activities. It comes with wide, ultra soft straps that seamlessly front presses tightly against the chest for a stronghold without digging in. The beauty of this sports bra is it doesn’t get in the way of a comfortable workout.


4) Racer Back Sports Bra

A racer back, compression fabric ensures an optimal fit that distributes weight evenly and looks great under your workout wear. It’s great for a high impact workout session as it gives complete support to the spine as well as the shoulder.


5) Cross Strap Sports Bra

Crossing back-straps help in reinforcing the breasts, giving them a sexy look. These types of sports bras surprisingly boast a firm grip to support you during a workout and also nudge the breasts toward the center for a natural-looking cleavage.

It is essential to wear a well-fitted sports bra for your workout or sports routine to give the correct support for the exercise they are engaged in. Choose from a range of trendy sports bras that fit both you and your budget well.

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