who we are – RRAVE


What comes to your mind when you think of Yoga? Boring looking Saints in long beards meditating? Women with jhola bags and pyjamas? Some white skinned Guru with harem pants on a beach? Well, stereotyping has never seized to surprise us! Yoga as a concept, though thousands of years old, is not meant merely for the aged, disgruntled older women or firangs smitten by Indian spirituality. In today’s era of snapchatting and Youtube viral videos, Yoga has reached far and wide; to lifestyles and cultures alike. Yoga, now packs a punch with self-awareness being a ‘cool’ concept. Where ‘Self’ includes soul and style! A swag mantra for fitness and fashion. Our idea at RRAVE is to tie the two up, make a nice cozy relationship between Yoga practising and Yoga apparel that is totally committed to each other and not in the ‘it’s complicated’ zone. So for us, Yoga apparel is all about Soft comfort, support, breathability and control. Welcome to RRAVE ! Our Yoga Bras and Tank tops are complete with sustainable fabrics and fits. Our Yoga leggings and pants range from classic to contemporary in vivid colors and prints.


Here at Rrave, we believe that fitness doesn’t conform to its stereotypes; it isn’t merely for the health maniacs or super models. Athleticism can bring happiness and longevity into anyone’s lives, from the youth to the aged. Fitness routines are a trendy mantra for well-being and fashion. The idea to create Rrave, that aims to bring harmony between the two to create salubrious fashion, all started one sunlit morning when Roopcee, Rachana and Vandana were out on vacation. The girls noticed many people around them working out and doing sports, but in outfits which were not necessarily comfortable. They could only think of how exercising in India, a country with tropical climate where you will definitely sweat during any physical activity, needs athleisure wear that can breathe to bring in freshness. Being fitness and fashion enthusiasts, the three began their journey to improve the landscape of athleisure apparel one piece at a time. Thus, Rrave was born with the aim to build gear that feels pleasant while being fashionable in your sweaty pursuits. Our exclusive athleisure clothing line is designed to stand up to the demands of the city, the gym and everywhere in between. For us, fitness apparel is all about being comfortable, breathable and lovable. Welcome to Rrave, where sporty clothing is complete only when it is made with pleasant and sustainable fabric while ranging from various patterns and styles with vivid colors and prints.