Flexi Yoga Pants – Must for Aasanas that make you Stretch

Yoga involves breathing & stretches. These are the foundation stones for getting results from Yoga. However, we often chose lose garments to not come in the way of stretches, specially the Yoga pants.  These are made of either stiff or thick fabric & often sweat absorbing rather that quick drying. Such uncomfortable garments often take away the pleasure of doing Yoga.

While doing Yoga, chose body hugging fabrics that move with the body and are specially treated to dry the sweat. Polyester microfilament garments treated with Moisture Management treatment best serve this objective.

Rrrave has launched affordable Yoga garments which fit the bill perfectly. They are available online on rrave.in and come with a money back guarantee. Designed by world class designers – the range includes fashion trendy tops & bottoms which include full, 3/4th and mesh ending Yoga Pants.


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